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It's that all important time in your life. A milestone that you share with your friends and family and you want to get it right ......RIGHT?

Here is a your 'can't live without' checklist to ensure you do not forget a thing.

HARPER SAGE HAIR & MAKEUP are your must go to studio in Brisbane. Enjoy the quality without the hefty price tag.

1 Month to go…

  • A trial is a great idea although not essential. If you wish for your day to go smoothly and worry free then this would a good idea for you.

  • Put together a timeline for Hair & Makeup, confirm with your stylist a start and finish time for the wedding day

  • Create a Pinterest board and add a collection of Hair and Makeup styles you like to share with your stylist, as pictures speak a thousand words

  • Hair Treatments are essential at this stage. Harper Sage Hairdresser and Makeup Artist have great recommendations to help you get started

  • Begin weekly face & body exfoliation and dry body brushing

  • Any cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening

  • Choose a perfume for the day

  • Start drinking more water & getting more sleep

  • If you are planning on having a facial/Microdermabrasion for the big day, now is a good time to trial it & make sure your skin doesn’t react

  • Trial your spray tan

1 Week to go…

  • Hair cut/colour

  • Mani/Pedi

  • Waxing/threading

  • Lip exfoliation & daily lip balm

  • Facial/Microdermabrasion

  • Lash Extensions

  • Massage/yoga to de-stress

  • Apply hand & body cream daily

  • Prepare a touch up kit so you don't forget the small stuff, this is non negotiable. Be sure to stock it with everything from deodorant to lipstick, tissues and powder.

1-2 Days to go…

  • Wash & blow-dry hair the night before the BIG daySpray Tan

  • Hydration Mask (face & hair)

  • Stay out of the sun

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Try to rest - as much as you can

on the Day

  • Cleanse face and lightly moisturise before your styling appointment

  • Ensure you are fully hydrated

  • If you have purchased your lipstick prior, ensure you take it to your appointment

  • Wear a dress/shirt with buttons or zip so it can be taken off without having to go over your head.

  • Last of all, smile and enjoy yourself

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