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Destination Bride
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We all dream of our wedding day and for some of us we can image whisking our family and friends away while declaring your love on the sands of Ibiza or in the beautiful fields of Tuscany.  The breathtaking views from Santorini cannot be ignored or you my wish to marry in the most romantic city in the world .... Paris!  Wherever in the world you imagine being united with your loved one it is important your bridal hair and beauty should not be compromised with someone who is not committed in bringing out the best version of you.

Destination weddings have become increasingly more common. With a touch of added romance, zesty adventure and of course the sultry GETAWAY, a destination wedding can be just that little special touch you’re looking for.  When planning your destination wedding, why not consider bringing a stylist or team of experts with you?  You may not have the freedom to meet up as much as you’d like with a local vendor or have the same access to recommendations which can put your mind at ease and help you make the all-important decision of choosing a hair and makeup artist.  You will be relaxed  & your stress level will be minimized knowing you’ve had the opportunity to work with your beauty stylists in detail making sure your wishes and idea are well planned. 

For peace of mind and ease, it’s nice to meet and have the time to talk about the details. We will get a feel for your personality and what exactly you like and don’t like whilst you have the opportunity to make any changes you might want. This becomes more difficult if left to the day itself and you can see it quickly unfold.

Friendly, relaxed and professional, Liza's knowledge of the latest seasonal trends paired with her innate understanding of timeless beauty and A-list service is delivered to you in a bespoke service. Liza draws on her experiences working in the fashion editorial world, filled with celebrities, red carpet events, film and tv which compliments these spectacular destinations perfectly.  Her bridal previews are personalised and the hair and makeup is always custom designed exactly for you. Equipped to work in any continent which includes luxury products to suit the environment of your destination.  Liza's ability to listen and understand clients’ needs is what sets Liza apart and see's her travelling to the most luxurious locations all around the world.

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